Secrets St. James Montego Bay

Secrets St. James Montego Bay Secrets St. James Montego Bay

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All-Inclusive JAMAICAN Resorts

No other Caribbean island offers as much splendor and diversity as Jamaica. Sugar-white beaches combine with shimmering waters to soothe your soul. Explore a rich island culture that expresses itself in superb cuisine, scintillating nightlife, and the sensual beat of reggae music. Jamaica is large enough to provide for every taste. From the world-famous beaches of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay to the toe-twinkling seven-mile stretch in Negril, to uncharted nooks where romantics can hide away, Jamaica is a paradise for everyone.


  • Infinity pool suites.

  • Personal concierge.

  • Preferred dining.

  • Over-sized suites with Jacuzzi's.


Island Routes Lovers' Rock Catamaran Cruise

Montego Bay Jamaica

Sail off into the sunset on this romantic catamaran cruise that features stunning views of the golden sun sinking into the sea and lighting up the horizon with a spectrum of red, pink and orange tints. Munch on delectable appetizers and sip exotic cocktails, including our catamaran signature drink, during Island Routes’ romantic cruise adventures in Jamaica. Stand on the deck and watch the sea become set ablaze with fiery color and laugh out loud with new-found friends as the undulating shoreline passes you by. Sway to the rhythms of the pulsating reggae music or simply steal away, finding a quiet spot where you can be alone together and remember why you fell in love in the first place. There’s nothing quite like a Caribbean sunset at sea to reawaken the fires of love or to ignite memories that will last a lifetime. [NOTE: This cruise sails to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville or Rick’s Café in Negril].

Horseback Ride 'n' Swim

Ocho Rios Jamaica

Imagine exploring the incredibly gorgeous countryside of Jamaica on horseback! Amble through a tropical rainforest atop a sleek, gentle mare or serene stallion. Ride along a cliff and feast your eyes on panoramic vistas of the Jamaican coastline with the aquamarine ocean sparkling in the island sunshine. Then prepare yourself for a totally unique experience, as you and your mount cross the white sand of a pristine beach and enter the warm waters of the Caribbean. Trot through the crystal seas together and enjoy the ride of your life!

Zipline Canopy Tour

Negril Jamaica

Enjoy an absolutely one-of-a-kind experience of nature during Island Routes’ zipline canopy tour. You’ll soar like a bird, at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, hundreds of feet above the earth on secure zip-lines. Indulge yourself in a truly unparalleled experience as you take off on an adventure that has you flying through the trees, high above the tropical landscape, using an intricate system of harnesses, pulleys and carabiners on horizontal traverses. There is literally nothing like zipping from traverse platform to traverse platform, each carefully selected for its position high above some of the most breathtaking sights in the entire Caribbean, if not the planet. Glide over exhilarating waterscapes during Island Routes’ zipline adventures, as magnificent sights whizz by below. Survey beauty as far as the eye can see, as you take in the view from up high for this pulse-pounding and thrilling adventure. Become one with the amazing island ecosystem as you embark on our zip-line canopy tours - you’ll walk through lush vegetation, learn about flora and fauna and fly through the treetops like an eagle riding on currents of air.

Bamboo River Rafting

South Coast Jamaica

Climb aboard a 30-foot, bamboo raft and be poled down a jade-green river's core by your very own experienced raft captain. The Martha Brae River, located in the Jamaican parish of Trelawny (birthplace of sprinter Usain Bolt) invites you to trail your hand in its shimmering waters. Gaze raptly at towering trees filled with brightly-hued birds and exotic flowers as you glide past the tropical river banks. Surrender to the romance of the moment, sensing leaves rustling in the breeze. Experience a truly Jamaican pastime as you raft down a gently twisting river glistening in the sun.