Visit an old palace in Seoul Korea

27 February 2016

 1. Kyungbok PalaceVisit Kyungbok Palace, Seoul Korea

Also referred to as the "Northern Palace" because of it's location north of the other royal palaces. Gyeongbokgung historic site No. 117, is the largest of the five palaces and considered the most beautiful. Although severe damage was incurred during the Japanese invasion, restoration occurred during the reign of King Gojong.






2. Changgyeong PalaceVisit Changgyeong Palace, Seoul Korea

Changgyeong Palace was built during the Joseon dynasty, the third palace to be built, after Gyeongbuk and Changdeok Palace. King Seongjong ordered it's construction to accommodate the growing number of royal family members. It was demolished during the Japanese occupation of Korea but was restored in 1983



3. Gyeonghui PalaceVisit Gyeonghui Palace, Seoul Korea 

The original name of Gyeong Hui gung was Gyeong Duk Gung, however, it was changed to Gyeong Hui Gung because this name sounds like WonJong. It is also called West palace because it is the one located at the West side among the 5 large palaces. It was named so that it can be differentiated from the East palace which combines both Chang-Duk Gung and Chang-Gyeong Gung. In Gyeong Hui Gung, there were about 100 small and huge buildings such as SOONG JUNG JUN which is the royal audience chamber, JA JUNG JUN(a side room of a palace), and YOONG BOK JUN, HWE SANG JUN which are the King's bedroom. Most of the structures were destroyed during the Japanese invasion time and Gyeong Hui Gung was among them. Kyung Sung middle school was established in the area where Gyeong Hui Gung was. Gyeong Hui Gung is marked as the no. 251 historical place; the original scale was about 70,000 pyeong which is actually three times bigger than the remaining area. Seoul Museum of Art was established in place of Gyeong Hui Gung. Furthermore, since Chongdong Theater and Seoul Museum of History is just nearby, you can enjoy the culture and the arts at the same time.


4. ChangdeokgungVisit Changdeokgung, Seoul Korea

Changdeokgung situated at Jongno-gu Seoul, is a detached palace for King to stay. It's been restored several times from destruction during Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 and fires. It's the most conserved palace of Chosun dynasty which has been registered as UNESCO World Heritage with beautiful harmony with nature, including locust tree the natural monument. There are Donhwamun, the main door, Queen's best room of Daejojeon, conference room, Seonjeongjeon, Huijeong-dang, the King's office and the main building Injeongjeon.


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